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The Importance of Health Coaching and Its Impact on Your Well-being

Updated: Feb 2

Health coaching may be the one thing that you are missing when it comes to GREAT success in your health and wellness journey. Some people right now are too concerned with the process and not interested in learning the foundation of what it takes to be successful. We are moving without reading the training manual. As your health coach I am here to help you read the training manual of health and wellness in your life.

What Does A Health Coach Do?

A health coach is here to help people recognize their true potential. We identify your readiness and gauge your willingness to achieve. We create relationships that pushes people to identify the bigger picture. We do this by establishing accountability and allowing you to understand the realities within the goals you set.

A health coach is unlike a therapists because we do not dive in to deep emotional depths of life. We are not your authority, we don’t claim to have all the answers, and we are not here to solve your problems. We are your partners, we are here to discover answers together, and we are here to foster possibilities as a team. Simply, our job is to guide people to understand their true potential. Health coaches are someone you work with in order to set realistic goals and keep you accountable. Health coaches do not focus on the past; we focus on how we can be successful for the future.

Am I a good candidate to be coached?

Absolutely! ANYONE ready and willing to make the changes and the sacrifices necessary to put in the work it takes to get the results you deserve is a great candidate. Like a sports coach, we are here to help assist in the process of change necessary to be the best version of YOU possible.

Something to understand…

Contrary to popular belief, health coaching is not going to be an overnight success. The process takes time, like anything else. Having a coach can be that essential component to long-term success and help give one’s self a clearer understanding and connection to the realities of the process. Health coaching is hands on, it is positive, and it helps with positive forward movement.

Make the Change Today!


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