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Kale+ Greens & Reds

Kale+ Greens & Reds

SKU: Xgr10-107

Our Kale + green juice super foods is a powdered nutrition supplement containing over 30 nutrient rich greens and super fruits giving you a healthy boost of energy! Greens and reds are packed with key vitamins and minerals giving you a clean surge of energy while supplementing your full daily requirement of fruits and veggies! It contains essential vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal health and vitality. While we always look to the shelves for the latest fat burner, protein or creatine supplement, we miss one of the most important supplements your body needs. For the human body to complete all the tasks it has on a day to day basis, it must be given a wide variety of nutrients for your organs to carry out basic metabolic functions. Most people do not get all the nutrients they need from their diet so supplementing is vital to health and wellness. Our Greens Juice Super Foods contain a potent immunity blend for overall health and an enzyme matrix to aid in digestion. Recommended dosage is 1 level scoop added to 8 oz of cold water, juice or even added to a smoothie.

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